Nupef (Center of Research, Studies and Learning) is a non-profit institute based in Rio de Janeiro, since 2005 dedicated to reflexion, analysis, knowledge production and learning activities, with focus on ICTs as they relate to policy-making and political processes which affect democracy, human rights, sustainable development and social justice. Among its activities are: online and face-to-face learning workshops, applied research, case studies, promotion of events and campaigns, production of printed and online publications, and advocacy actions.

Target groups of Nupef's activities are: policy makers, governments, academics, civil society activists, media, and citizens involved or interested in knowledge building strategies to respond to challenges which networked societies are confronted with -- especially in the assertion of the right to knowledge, freedom of expression, protection of privacy, and protection of cultural diversity, among other fundamental rights.

Since 2005 Nupef offers ICT capacity building programs for policy makers and civil society activists, sensitizing and raising awareness about the potentials of the effective use of ICT to enhance democracy and defend human rights. Nupef also produces informative materials and build learning communities to educate citizens about the relevance of ICTs as tools to organize citizen's participation in democratic processes, to address political issues, and to promote citizen's rights on the Internet.

Instituto Nupef has participated in the Internet Governance Forum [IGF] since its creation. One of Nupef's directors was a member of UN's Working Group on Internet Governance, which presented recommendations to the 2nd phase of the WSIS process leading to the creation of the IGF.Two of Nupef's directors have been members of the IGF Multistakeholder Advisory Group [MAG], participating in Open Consultations and meetings. Today we participate in the CSTD discussions on the improvement of the IGF.

Nupef is a member of APC (Association for Progressive Communications) and is part of DiploFoundation's Internet Governance Advisory Panel; of the Research Group on Policy and Political Economy of Communication and of the Research Group on Digital Culture - both of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, registered in the Brazilian National Council for Research. Nupef is a founding member of the Brazilian Internet Governance Caucus and member of the Campaign for Universalizing Broadband Internet in Brazil.

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